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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and today the ravens unveiled a playing surface. momentum 51. manufactured by sport tex. same company that installed the previous field back in 2003. which was voted third best in the nfl. new surface will not just benefit the ravens. >> this field will give us an opportunity to be a lot more flexible with aevents that might come to the stadium in the future. >> it is very similar to the old surface but they have improved the technology in the plastic and in the grass. and in the way that we've the carpet together. more fibers. and takes out the stitching end zone midfield to do some of the other events like army-navy game and maryland games up here. and be able to put logo in the end zone without interfering with the ravens stuff. >> and remember, you can vote for our subway high school game of the week. this week's four choices for friday are. c. milton wright at north harford in baseball. river hill at glenelg in
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softball. loyola at archbishop spalding in boys lacrosse. st. paul's at boys'latin in boys lacrosse. log onto and cast your vote. we will announce the winner in the game of the week contest tomorrow night. here is jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> remembering a lacrosse star from baltimore county killed at college. the disturbing task and the suspect in her death. >> they are my friends. used to call me every day. i didn't hear from them. >> a couple in north baltimore was not seen for seven days. find out what police say happened to them. >> saying no to speed cass cameras how the residentsp of one town fought back. >> grand prix coming to baltimore. when the cars race through our city streets. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition".
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>> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. tonight classmates at the university of virginia gather to remember yeardley love. young woman from cockeysville found dead in her off campus apartment early monday morning. >> candlelight vigil, more people showed up than could fit in the coliseum. 22-year-old was a star lacrosse at notre dame prep and went on to play for the cavaliers t has been a disturbing, confusing and sad few days. >> we are greatly distraught and unsettled to have lost yeardley in a tragic, violent and haunting manner. >> her teammates say while they are battling their grief they will play in the ncaa tournament. school the athletic director said the family encouraged. >> lone suspect, george huguely, love former boyfriend in police custody. today the charlottesville newspaper report police have
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obtained a red stained jersey from his apartment and a letter to love. experts say there may have been warnings. >> tonight melinda roeder looks at the suspect's violent behavior. >> there were obvious physical injuries to her body. >> it was a violent murder according to police. yeardley love was found face down in a pool of blood. it happened at her off campus apartment where police records show the suspect, george huguely admited to kicking in the bedroom door. he hit her repeatedly knocking her head against the wall. her attorney called it an accident. >> we're confident that miss love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> but psychiatrists explain that type of behavior as uncommon rage. >> punching through walls. most people do not do. most people do not throw objects and break. most do not assault wives or partners. >> the doctor did not directly involve himself in the case but assesses patients with anger
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issues. >> in what other settings are there problems? do you have a bad temper when you play sports? ejected from games? has there been legal issues in your past? >> we know in november of 2008, huguely was arrested for public intoxication. that's not all. he was tased after resisting arrest. threatening and physically struggling with a female officer. huguely may have threaten yeardley lovieya e-mail. he admitted he took the computer from her apartment, sunday night that suggests a pattern of anger. >> there are other words for anger. annoyance. jealousy but ultimately rage. >> and doctor said rage is feelings of rejection or criticism. huguely told police that his relationship with love had ended. melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> and plans have already been made for yeardley love's funeral right here in maryland. viewing is scheduled for friday 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 at
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rucks funeral home in towson, mass will be saturday at 10 a.m. at the cathedral of mary our queen in north baltimore. >> we have breaking news in southwest baltimore. just after 10:00 tonight shots rang out in the 2100 block of chelsea terrace. police say three men have been shot there. and they are being treated at saint agnes hospital with non-life threatening injuries. two shot in the leg. third in the stomach. they drove themselves to the hospital. police have no suspects or a motive at this time. >> authorities order a crematorium to shut down immediately after they discovered dozens of bodies pileed up like trash. myranda stephens joins us now with more on how the discovery was made. and what the owners are sake about this tonight. myranda? >> jeff, the discovery was made last week. at the chambers funeral home and crematorium in riverdale. state inspector made a surprise visit to the business where she reported finding a large pile of bodies, possibly 40.
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stacked inside of a garage. the bodies were cadavers that were used for research at georgetown university school of medicine. and they were supposed to be cremateed but sat around for days. the owner said the funeral home had limited space but still called the situation unacceptable. >> we are terribly sorry for this situation that has occurred. we have completed our agreement with the medical school. we did make a slight error in judgment. >> and the crematorium has until friday to wrap up any inunfinished business then closed. the owners have hired a attorney to fight to keep the business open. myrandamyranda stephens, fox 45s "late edition." >> carbon monoxide poisoning could be at fault for the death of two people in north baltimore marlene and jose. died in a rowhome on greenmount avenue. friends say the power had been shut off. so they were using a generator.
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>> i suspect something was wrong. >> they are my friends. they used to call me every day. i didn't hear from them. >> their bodies were not discovered for days. >> people that live in the baltimore area could soon be paying more for water. department of public works is asking for 9 percent rate increase. that means the average family of four will be paying $81 more next year. for the water and sewage bill. some customers say the boost would be a blow to an already tight budget. >> i mean, our bills have gone up. mine is more than doubled. since i have been here. if you get a clear, i had one time and i didn't know about it. it quadrupleed. >> public works officials say unfunded mandates and thousands of watermain breaks, including the recent major break in dundalk, are among the reasons for the rate hike. they say an aging system has to be replaced. >> photos in sykesville put the brakes on speed cameras in an election yesterday. 60 percent of voters decided to
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overturn the town council decision to use speed cameras and by doing so, voters made history. >> and we're the first town in the whole state to say no to something that nobody wants. nobody wants these cameras state wide. the government wants them. maybe some small interest groups and safety groups want them. the people do not want them. and we stood up and stopped it. >> town leaders had hoped the cameras would slow speeders and raise much needed revenue. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. should the issue of speed cameras be putty state wide vote? 63 percent say yes. 73 percent say no. troy writes, i would rather have a speed bump between my child and a speeding car than a camera. carroll writes if everyone drove like they had sense there would nobody need for a camera. if you don't need speed, you have no ticket. and state gets no money. thanks for writing in. >> roaring engines and busy streets are coming to charm city
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as the baltimore grand prix is coming to town. today the board of estimates approved a five year agreement with the baltimore racing development to allow for 2.4-mile course indy car style race in baltimore. travels through the inner harbour and camden yards august 2011, event is expected to generate 2000 jobs. $250 million into the city's economy. and $11 million in city tax revenue. >> it is time for a new story. to be written about the city. and its incredible charm. and that story starts with the baltimore grand prix in 2011. >> the city is dedicating $5 million in federal funding ear marked four road maintenance and construction for the racing event. >> one councilman said a tax on video poker machines is a good bet for the city. councilman robert curan wants to tax machines and bars, gas stations and convenience stores. he said it could bring $5 million in revenue. under the proposal the taxes would range from $1250 to $2250.
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but would exempt owners from state admissions and amusement taxes. >> well, another perfect day today. >> hopefully people, a lot of people out, spent cinco de mayo outside. to go vytas reid latest. >> beautiful day to spend cinco de mayo out there. nice weather. blue skies. continue to see nice conditions as we get into tomorrow. but there is a slight chance for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. take a look at this front moving through parts of ohio. and indiana. gusty thunderstorms. but for the most part. i think, average thunderstorm activity that will move through. drites right now. no activity. it looks like relatively clear conditions as we look at the hd radar. you see 72 in baltimore. 72 in d.c. 63 in oakland. eastern shore. temperatures in the mid 60s. tomorrow, sunshine and in the afternoon, partly cloudy with 40 percent chance of pop up showers or thunderstorms. temperatures around 79. detailed look at the weekend coming up. >> tired of waiting, nobody else is doing this. >> gulf coast leaders growing
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impatient. the shut off of the oil slick and why bp was not included in a environmental stud. >> popular childr
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>> washington post report reveals the interior department exempt bp drilling operation from a detailed environmental
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impact analysis, only last year. three reviews said an oil spill there was unlikely. >> 11 days before the explosion, the company wanted more exemptions, we have latest on the clean up in the gulf. >> in this constant race against time. state leaders in louisiana say they cannot afford to sit back and watch as the oil creeps close to the state's vast marsh lands. >> tired waiting. nobody else is doing it. we will do it, we put together detailed plans all the way to the texas coast. >> plan includes positioning a jack up boat loaded with a boom near sensitive areas that could see oil. idea is to have local fishermen on board to help respond to the areas of concern because they know the waters best. >> that's the way it should be. our people device the plan, implement the plan. bp is saying right things. execution is important. >> meanwhile bp efforts to contain the spill are moving forward. overnight robotic submarine capped one of the three leaks.
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but bp said it did little to slow the estimated 210,000 gallons leaking into the gulf each day. >> you still have the same amount of oil coming out of the two leaks as you did the three. but again, as i said, it makes it easier, easier for us to fight. >> fight is entering the second week. short-term solution is to trap the oil with concrete and steel dome structure. it should be at the spill site late tonight. but it could take up to 48 hours to lower it 5000 feet to the sea bed and then connect a series of pipes to funnel the oil into another vessel. this collection method has never been attempt in water this deep. >> for louisiana this is a marathon, not a sprint. tapping, cleaning up and repairing the damage. >> sheen of thin oil spotted around louisiana barrier islands. specifically the chandelier islands. an area that can be reached only by boat. each day the oil is inching closer to the back waters and canals further inland where fish
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spawn and shrimp bed. >> earlier this week, work began on a permanent solution, it involves drilling a second relief well 18,000 feet below the surface. but that is expected to take, at least, three months. in venice louisiana, fox news. >> and while clean up continues tonight, lawmakers may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they received from big oil. financial records indicate bp nearly tripled his lobbying funding in the last decade alone. according to the center for responsible politics. president obama is the top recipient of bp pack money over last 20 years. >> changes to the no fly list. following the bomb scare in time square. airlines are now required to check list every two hours. the change comes after faisal shahzad, the man accused of trying to detonate a bomb in time square was almost allowed to fly out of the u.s.
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two new surveillance videos further link a pakistani born america. faisal shahzad, to the failed car bombing in time square. one video shows faisal shahzad walking away from the smoking car. the other one shows him buying fireworks at a store in pennsylvania. investigators say he began to prepare the attack almost immediately after returning from pakistan. they say they had not found a wider link to terror groups. and say several arrests in pakistan during last couple of days are not related. >> tonight the fda finds bacteria is recalled in children's medications. last week, more than 40 types of liquid cold and allergy products for children were voluntarily recalled. and including liquid tylenol, tylenol plus, motrin, zyrtec, benadryl. medications came from a pennsylvania facility where traces of bacteria were discovered in some indagreedients. plant is close until further notice. >> great weather out there today. beautiful. how long does our luck holdout.
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>> nice if it would stick around for the week. but check back with vytas reid. vytas? >> we are going to see some nice days, but a chance of rain popping up here and there. and colder temperatures moving in as we go into the week. looking at the hd skycam, downtown inner harbour. quiet evening. temperatures at 69. and clear skies. winds calm. and our humidity levels sitting at 73 percent. now, you can see over the region, not much activity going on. relatively clear. and it looks like we will continue to see some chance for showers moving in from the northwest. and as we get into tomorrow afternoon. and here is what it looks like as far as the temperatures coming through. for that cold front. it looks like we will see the showers, and maybe a chance for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm as we go into the afternoon. around 1:00. looking at a chance for that rain popping up. so take an umbrella with you going into the afternoon. and clear out on friday. with better conditions but cooler air as the front moves in. another chance of rain comes late friday to saturday, as the
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temperatures fall. looking at 72 in baltimore. 72 in washington. looking at -- i don't know i have the giggles. 63 in oakland. and it looks like we will continue to see the cooler air build in from the northwest. thunderstorms moving long cold front that continue to push into our region. and you can see how the showers and thunderstorms are popping up across the parts of ohio, into northern portions of pennsylvania, to new york state. stretching down to southern portions of indiana. tomorrow afternoon, i would say, take the umbrellas with you, as the chance will happen through the afternoon hours. but tonight looking at clear conditions temperatures right around 71 degrees. and winds out of the south at five to 10. and it looks like for tomorrow, we will see plenty of sunshine. 82 degrees. and then by tomorrow -- it is hard to get through this. 79 on friday. a chance for friday and saturday morning. mother's day 64. and monday 65. i am going to send it back to you guys.
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>> [wind rustling]
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>> oriole president macphail is apparently just as frustrated as the rest of us. told the sun today that certain hitters may face demotion. saying quote they will either have to start performing or they will go to norfolk. he did not single out players. but you can do it yourself. scott, hime reimold. and examine jones. but they did get some production today in new york. just not enough to avoid the sweep. bottom of the third. it is already 2-0 yankees. rodriguez rounds the single up the middle with the bases loaded. jeter scores. here comes johnson and the throw from montinez. great swipe by tatum in the plate. johnson is out. and yankees lead. and top of the fort. same score. andy pettitte loaded the bases. facing reimold, struggling of late. but pettitte walks him. forcess may markakis home. yankees trail. and bottom of the fourth. it is 4-1. tashara gets a hold of one to
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deep right center. montinez back to the wall. and he cannot get it. jeter and johnson both come in to score on the double by tashara. yankees up. and top of the eighth same score. wigginton hit less in the series. not after that. monster two run home run into the second deck in left field. his team leading 9th of the season. orioles trail 6-3. top of the 9th. birds down. wieters with a solo shot to the second deck. in right field. that's his fourth of the year. orioles are down 7-4. and next batter. reimold sends one deep down the left field line. with a stay fair? goes off the pole for the solo home run. his second of the year. orioles go back-to-back. trailing 7-5. later, in the 9th. ington at the plate. flies one to deep right. swisher has room in front of the warning track for the final out. come back falls short. yankees complete the sweep 7-5 the final.
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>> hernandez was not on his name at all. his ball strike splits were not good. pitched behind, you know, they sat on his fast ball. he did not show much getting the break and stuff or change up over. cost him. a lot of deep counts early in the game. this was not one of the better starts i have seen out of him. you know, he did what he could to hold it. but not good enough. >> tough line to get through you have to pitch up in the zone. and i didn't make many good pitches anyway. but it was overall a rough one. >> the orioles start a four game series with the twins tomorrow night at the new target field in minneapolis. back to you. >> looking at so
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. for tomorrow. looks like a decent day. 80 degrees. few sun and clouds mixed around out there with a chance for 20 percent chance for a shower. then on friday. 79. with some sun. and then on friday night of the. a chance for showers and thunderstorms leading us into saturday morning. saturday a i think, we should clear up at 75 degrees. then sunday looking at 64 for mother's day. so it looks like a decent day. just slightly cooler compared to where we have been for the last several days. next chance for showers arrive tuesday and wednesday. of next week. back to you jeff and jennifer. >> thank you for joining us
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tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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